Led by design educator and communications designer, Matthew Lett The House of Moves provides a different experience for the client looking for a 1-on-1 experience to help improve the creative representation in print, web, and in marketing.



I'm a fashionable creative intellect who has a fine art background; birthed from a mother who studied fashion; formed from a father who is extremely passionate about automotive engineering; inspired by a grandmother who has worked in the fashion industry in New York City and in Venezuela; mentored by a Grandfather who was a photographer for the New York City Press Association. This is what's in my genetic creative code. These are the personal influences that continue to inspire me to be creative, design savvy, build my awareness about the arts, and develop artistic and international awareness. The culmination of a creative upbringing while being exposed to a media driven city like New York City, has helped craft the design sense and creative instinct leading my design decisions and thought process. My motivation is to produce meaningful work that adds value to the lives of clients.


What People Say



Managing Partner at The Title Bridge
"Matthew is probably one of the most dedicated professionals I have had the opportunity to learn from. His acute attention to detail, his ability to multi task in a fast paced environment, and his ability to listen intently to your needs and then execute a plan of action is second to none. I was so impressed by his recent work on my website that I have been telling everyone about him. I am grateful I found him and if you hire him to meet your branding development needs I assure you he will "wow" you every step of the way."


Marketing Strategist @ Kwikturn Media
"During my time as a student at Full Sail University, Matthew quickly has become more than an instructor to me, but more of a mentor. He is someone I go to for advice, information and guidance on all things design. He has an impeccable way of communicating in a way that is unique to each student, ensuring the greatest possibility of success and comprehension. Matt's personal philosophy on teaching stretches far beyond the walls of any school and his enthusiasm for education far exceeds his duties as an "instructor"."


Full Sail University Graduate
"Throughout my career I've been to military schools, trade schools and university's. I had the privilege of having Matthew as my lab specialist instructor for interface and usability and web design courses at Full Sail University. Never in my life have I had someone encourage, empower, and mentor me like Matthew. He was one of a few people who genuinely took vested interest with his students to coach us beyond our limits. He was patient as we all had different learning styles, and used many methods to help each one of us connect concepts teaching us a semesters worth of HTML and CSS in less than a month. I learned more about typography in his class than I did in my dedicated typography course. Matthew Letts' leadership, mentorship, and passion for teaching pushes people to achieve more than they knew were possible."


Graduate of IADT
"I welcome this opportunity to give a personal recommendation for Mr. Matthew Dean Lett, who has been an inspiration to me ever since we met. Mr. Lett is exemplary in his work ethics and is very motivating to just about anyone who he comes in contact with. After being in contact with him he has proven to be an intelligent, personable, hardworking yet family oriented individual. Matthew would be a great asset to anyone who hires him for his services and you will be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend him for any service he feels qualified to provide to any organization, for his experience, integrity and reliability are above question."

My Story


I'm originally a traditional artist from New York that eventually made the transition into the world of Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design and Web Development. I started as an independent designer back in 2006 just to make a few extra dollars and was then inspired to start working with clients because of a personal situation; one web developer failed to complete my mother's website properly and never fixed it. She lost the ability to launch her business online and sell her products. Feeling hopeless and not having the know-how behind the web project it inspired me to do something about it.

Having served clients around the United States I've come to discover that there is a huge lack of both competency, talent, and customer service when it comes to clients working with designers and web developers. That personal situation inspired me to teach myself the design and development skill sets needed to help others in a much larger way. The House of Moves was born to provide two things for clients: ONE: the ability to work with a designer who can provide high-end design; TWO: be an educational resource for technical and creative questions that many people have

I Want To Work For

  • The client experiencing confusion throughout their marketing materials
  • Those struggling with what to say and how to say it visually
  • The client that needs to attract high-end clientele
  • The clients who have businesses that serve luxury clients

Long Term Goals

The majority of the work I do falls into the realm of commercial design which includes web design, print design, identity design, and web development. My long term goal is to transition out of these specific mediums and dedicate myself full-time to being a luxury brand identity consultant; eventually stepping away from the computer and being involved with design education, creative consulting, and providing solutions to clients while overseeing the execution.

Courses I've Taught

  • Principles of Graphic Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wordpress Development


Clients I've Worked For

  • Title & Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mold & Water Remediation
  • Churches & Non-Profits
  • Travel Companies
  • Fashion & Beauty Stylists


Other Services

  • Content Writing
  • Website Management
  • Cost Saving Solutions

Creative Work


  • "Without failure I'd have nothing to form my character. Without success I'd have nothing to prove my proficiency. Without stories I'd have no journey. If people never were influenced by me I'd leave no legacy."

Let's Connect



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Matthew Dean Lett

Creative Consultant & Designer

Phone: 321.396.2834

Email: design@thehouseofmoves.com

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